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Andrew Rannells on Glee Cast Reaction to New Normal Spoof — Exclusive

Andrew Rannells has quite an interesting (and, if you ask us, awesome) day job — the 34-year-old actor more or less plays a fictionalized version of Glee creator Ryan Murphy.

The star of Ryan’s NBC comedy, The New Normal, Andrew plays Bryan, a successful Hollywood showrunner of a popular TV show called Sing.

So when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Andrew at The New Normal’s PaleyFest event on March 6, we had to ask him about the Glee/Sing connection. What does the Glee cast think of their sister show’s spoof? And would Andrew ever want to guest star on Glee?

Wetpaint Entertainment: Have you heard any reaction from the cast members of Glee about Sing?
Andrew Rannells: Yes, they came and watched once. We were filming in the Glee auditorium and they came and watched part of it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t when we had any of the doubles there. [Editors note: For example, the fictional Sing star Clea represents Glee’s Lea Michele.] I was doing something alone, but yeah, I think they think it’s funny.

Would you ever guest star on Glee?
Oh yeah, absolutely.

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What’s coming up next on The New Normal?
We do have a really great episode about the Boy Scouts coming up. Justin [Bartha]’s character, David was a Boy Scout and wants to become involved with Scouts and you know they have a ban on homosexuals being involved in Scouts so it’s a great episode. It’s a really good episode.

What can fans expect from the last four episodes?
Just sort of gearing up for our kid. We’re wrapping up a lot of storylines, my mother comes to town, which is great, we start planning our wedding, we have a baby — I hope that’s not a surprise! So it’s a lot, it’s an action-packed last four episodes.

Who wins the name game?
Well we sort of… we just filmed that episode. It resolves itself very neatly. We both sort of come up with the same idea.

And Rocky (NeNe Leakes) beat you and David to the parent finish line!
It’s really great and NeNe is so great with that baby. We have two twins that come in and play Nikki and she’s so great with them, it’s very sweet to see.

03.13.2013 / 05:57 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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