Are Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Back Together?!
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Teen Mom

Are Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers Back Together?!

Remember that time Jenelle Evans pressed assault charges against her husband, suffered a tragic miscarriage, and checked into rehab? Well, looks like the Teen Mom 2 star is ready to leave the past behind and give Courtland Rogers another try. Sigh … did this girl learn nothing from Rihanna?!

After checking out of rehab on March 10, Jenelle returned to the Twittersphere with some harsh words for Courtland — but the tide quickly turned on March 12 when she urged fans to follow Courty's new account (his old one was suspended).

"Follow COURTLAND AT @KOURTKOURT910,,,,And quit suspending his pageeeee," she tweeted.

We obliged, naturally, and made some disturbing discoveries. Like the fact that Courtland and Jenelle seemingly woke up next to each other. As in, they slept in the same bed!

"u hog the blankets to much lol get up and help me make this bed lol," Courty tweeted at his wifey the morning of March 13.

Not only did Jenelle retweet Courtland's message for her nearly 700,000 followers, but she also replied with a serious public display of affection. "hush up hahaha I love u," she said.

What. Is. Happening?! Just a few weeks ago Jenelle was accusing of Courtland of cheating with multiple women, not to mention that whole domestic abuse thing. Courtland was taken into police custody just last week (see his mug shot here!), and now he's facing six counts of assault, including assault on an unborn child.

So has Jenelle really forgiven Chris Brown Courtland Rogers or is she playing an early April Fool's joke on us plebeians? That remains to be seen. When a fan asked Courty if they're back together, he didn't didn't reveal much. "We are keeping that suspenseful lol," he wrote. Oh, Courtland, you tease.

Do you think Jenelle should give Courtland another chance? Remember, innocent until proven guilty, y'all. Dish it below, Teen Mom 2 fans.