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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2013: Was Lindsay Yenter a Better Choice for Sean Lowe?

Sean Lowe bid adieu to his main squeeze Lindsay Yenter during the emotional Bachelor Season 17 finale, and we're still in shock. Not as in shocked as that poor elephant who was forced to cart Sean's all over Thailand, but still. There's no doubt that Sean and Catherine Giudici make an adorable couple, but we can't help thinking that he broke up with the potential love of his life when he sent Lindsay packing. Check out 5 reasons why this adorable army brat was the best pick for Sean!

1. Their Chemistry Was Off the Charts
Sean and Lindsay could barely keep their hands off each other during The Bachelor love journey — and by hands we mean lips. And by lips we mean tongues. Basically, these two spent their waking hours licking each other, and it was magical. Sean and Catherine also had amazing chemistry, but Sean and Lindsay's love affair was explosive. Kind of like that feeling you get when you pop a fresh maggot into your mouth, you know?

2. She's Great With Kids
It's no secret that Sean is ready to impregnate his lady love and pop out a bunch of kiddos, and Lindsay just so happens to be amazing with children. This bombshell works as an early childhood education teacher, and was more than ready to start a family with Sean. She just wanted to propagate his man seed and raise his youngins' in the prairies of Dallas, sob. They would have called each other Mawmaw and Peepaw, guys....

3. She Wanted to Put Down Roots In Dallas
Catherine is smitten with Sean, but she seems pretty settled in her hometown of Seattle. This glamorous lady is a city girl at heart, and we're worried she won't be completely at home in Dallas. Lindsay, on the other hand, has moved all over the USofA thanks to her dad's job in the military, and she was fully on board with settling down with Sean in The Lone Star State! Girlfriend might be slightly more willing n' ready to adapt to a new lifestyle than Catherine.

4. She's Friends With the Man Upstairs
Sean and Lindsay finally came face-to-face in the "After The Final Rose" special, and all they could talk about was praying. He was praying, she was praying, they're both still praying, basically God is just like "I GET IT, you have all the feelings!" Clearly, Lindsay lives a very religious life style which totally meshes with Sean's. After all, this is a dude who reads the Bible even more frequently than we read 50 Shades of Grey.

5. They Had So Much Fun Together
Sean's made it clear that he wants to fall in love with someone who he can be goofy with (because apparently he's just a ball of fun...), and for a while it seemed like that someone was Lindsay. These two had so much in common, giggled non-stop whenever they were around each other, and need we remind you of the time they paddled around on that raft and looked at things through fake binoculars? We were WTF-ing ourselves silly, but hey — they were having a blast!

Do you think Sean should have picked Lindsay? Sound off in the comments!