Bachelor 2013: What Did Sean and Catherine Do After Getting Engaged?
Credit: ABC/Dave Hagerman    
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2013: What Did Sean and Catherine Do After Getting Engaged?

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici got engaged in the majestic monkey-infested lands of Thailand, wandered off into the great unknown on an elephant, and then pretty much started living a lie. These two weren't able to take their relationship public for months, but the good news? They got a chance to spend alone time together in Thailand directly after their engagement!

"We stayed in Thailand for three days," Sean told People. "We just watched movies and hung out. It was so cool!"

If by "hung out" Sean means that he and Catherine had PG-13 snuggle sessions, then this would be accurate. "We always talked about going to Snugglesville together," Sean reminisced while chatting about his relationship with Catherine. "On my only flight with the girls, I scratched out the destination city on my ticket and wrote Snugglesville. As Catherine was walking by, I dropped it in her bag."

"We just wanted to snuggle!" Catherine added (feel free to swoon). But wait –– it gets even more adorable. "We would speak French to each other," Catherine said. "We don't actually know French, but we'd speak in French accents."

We'll spare you the obligatory "voulez vous couchez avec moi" joke and peace out. Too busy happy-crying.

Source: People