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Teen Mom

Chelsea Houska and Aubree Get Kicked Out of Their House!

In this highlight clip from Teen Mom 2, Season 4, Episode 4, we find our girl Chelsea Houska going through an emotional overload.

Not only does Chels have to deal with the fact that her night of unprotected sex with baby daddy and ex-boyfriend may have gotten her preggers, she receives a text message from her dad, Papa Randilicious, saying that she has to move out.

“SHUT UP!” she yells to her galpal. According to her dad, the owner of the home that she’s renting wants to move back in and Chel-Chel has a limited amount of time to be out of the house. The kicker? It’s perfectly legal because it’s written in Chelsea’s lease. Sigh … this is what happens when you don’t read the fine print!

After a quick phone call to dad, Chelsea learns that she has one of two options — either the two look for a new place online or she goes back to where she was before.

Papa Randilicious says that he’s going to help his daughter, all the while she slowly descends into a puddle of runny mascara. Chelsea’s daughter, Aubree, is tries her best to console her mama by telling her that she loves her and to not cry. Aww!

Do you think it’s fair that Chelsea has to move out of her house? Sound off below!

03.13.2013 / 02:39 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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