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The Vampire Diaries

Does Ian Somerholder Have a New Love In His Life?

Sound the alarm, Nina Dobrev, because Ian Somerholder was photographed recently with a new lady love.

Spotted at SXSW, Somerholder was seen cozying up to a star that has taken the internet by storm and become a sensation over night. And just who might this mystery girl be?

None other than internet sensation, Grumpy Cat.

The cat's real name is Tardar Sauce and the 11-month old mixed breed became a viral superstar when photos were posted online of the cat's notoriously and undeniably grumpy face. Since then, the cat has become the focus of numerous memes much to the internet’s delight.

The cat's first public appearance since appearing on the internet was at the Mashable House during SXSW which is where Somerholder met her.

The Vampire Diaries star was taken aback with the popularity generated by the feline phenomenon. "There was a line of people lined up around the block to take pictures of this cat and she was just chilling," he said. "I don't know if she was drunk or maybe they gave her some ketamine or something but she was, she was very peaced out."

Grumpy Cat's owner could confirm that the cat was not under the influence of any drugs illicit or otherwise and that she's in great health.

Source: E! Online

03.13.2013 / 07:39 PM EDT by Knox McCoy
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