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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: Who Should Replace Owen as Chief?

In this sneak peek for Grey's Anatomy Season 9, we learn that the Seattle Grace-Mercy West board is considering replacing Owen (Kevin McKidd) as chief, and in a bout of frustrated anger he makes the decision for them by quitting.

Drama! Of course, this leaves the hospital in a quandary. Who should replace Owen as chief? We've put some thought into the matter, and come up with a few top picks.

Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.): He has the experience, and we still think of him as the Chief, anway. Plus, we've been given hints that he's not as into doing the actual surgeries as he used to be — remember when Dr. Cahill said he logged the least hours in the OR — so maybe his skills would be best used in a managerial role. And with the hospital's new owners being sympathetic to him, any lingering issues over the Alzheimer's trial debacle (which is why he resigned in the first place) could easily be swept aside.

Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw): Arizona has both the compassion and the toughness to be a good chief, and now that Alex (Justin Chambers) is all grown up, do we really need two main characters devoted primarily to pediatrics? (On the other hand, we'd miss seeing Arizona around kids if she did become chief).

Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson): Is she actually senior enough to be qualified? Oh, who cares. She's Bailey, she's awesome, and we wouldn't say no to seeing her in the role.

No one — Owen should come back. Other than that "little" slip up with the plane, Owen has done a good job as chief. Having him quit and then come back to the role could make for some interesting tensions going into the rest of the season.

Who do you want to see as chief next? Vote in our poll, and sound off in the comments below.

It should be someone else!

Owen should stay chief!

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Catch the next new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, March 14, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.