How Soon After Dumping Lindsay Did Sean Propose to Catherine?
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The Bachelor

How Soon After Dumping Lindsay Did Sean Propose to Catherine?

It’s hard out there for a playa, ya know? Just ask Des’s brother! But while we’re sure hand-tats has had more than his share of ladies lining up to love his cool james, Sean Lowe is the one who knows about the real dirty work. The Bachelor hunk had the hard task of breaking up with Lindsay Yenter in a prom dress-filled tear mess and then proposing to Catherine Giudici only moments later. So, how long did he have to recover between pivotal moments?

“It depends,” our sage lady love Ali Fedotowsky explains in her E! Bachelor blog. “On my season [of The Bachelorette], I let my number two guy go the day before the rose ceremony. But on most seasons, the Bachelor lets one person go, and within an hour or two proposes to the other person.” Wow, that’s quite a turnover for changing three lives in such dramatic ways! We’re not sure we could handle changing emotions quite that fast...

How Soon After Dumping Lindsay Did Sean Propose to Catherine?
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“I am sure it is really hard,” the Season 6 cutie continues. “I couldn't bear going through that so I had to let my second guy go home early. I felt really bad for Sean watching him let Lindsay go last night. Heartbreaking.” As you’ll remember, Ali had a little bit of a traumatic finish to her season, with Frank Neuschaefer walking away and Chris Lambton becoming her runner-up by default. Ultimately, Ali choseRoberto Martinez and the two had a lovely relationship while it lasted.

Ali has previously explained that often times the rose-doler only has big feelings for one person, and that’s all it takes. It was obvious from Sean’s emotions on the Season 17 finale that he had developed strong feelings for both ladies. Might we suggest a game of “eenie-meenie-miney-mo” next time? You know, to keep the ABC show an intellectual journey...

Source: Ali's E! Bachelor blog