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Kristen Stewart Wishes Robert Pattinson Would Talk to Her More: Report

Kristen Stewart wants to talk more frequently to Robert Pattinson but then again, is it ever possible to have talked long enough to him? We doubt it.

Kristen and Rob are still doing the long-distance thing, and while they talk periodically, it's not as often as she'd like, according to Hollywood Life.

“The two of them do speak, but not as much as she would like to,” says a source.

Rob is currently filming a new movie in Australia, but Kristen isn't planning to head Down Under anytime soon.

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“Kristen has no immediate plans to visit Rob in Australia,” the source continues.

Meanwhile, Kristen is reportedly feeling especially down lately since her and Rob's mutual friend, British singer Marcus Foster, has recently left L.A.

"[Kristen] is sad that Marcus has left L.A. he makes her feel close to Rob and brings her a lot of comfort,” reveals an insider. “I think he also reminds her of all the fun times she used to have with Rob and the whole music scene.”

So how will Kristen manage to distract herself until Rob returns?

“Kristen is eager to work again. She wants to dive into a new role, one that challenges her both mentally and emotionally,” the source says. ”She’s just looking at different scripts now.”

See there could be a silver lining to this time apart, meaning we'll get to see Kristen in a great new role! Choose wisely, Kristen.

Source: Hollywood Life