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Nashville TV Music: Cast and Crew Talk About Possible Concert Tour

We can’t exactly buy tickets to that Rayna-Juliette “Red Lips and White Lies” tour, and Scarlett and Gunnar don’t actually play sets at the actual Bluebird Cafe, but this could be the next best thing.

We reported last week that the studio behind Nashville is all for a real-life concert tour, and now we have even more proof. The Hollywood Reporter is following up on the story, reporting that a source says “meetings are underway” to discuss a tour involving some — but not all — of the cast members.

The actors who might be coming to an arena near you include Charles Esten (Deacon Claybourne), Clare Bowen (Scarlett O’Connor), Sam Palladio (Gunnar Scott), and Jonathan Jackson (Avery Barkley).

"We're not sure exactly what it's going to be or what shape it's going to take right now," Charles tells THR. "I'm down to do the greatest version possible we can do of that. Hopefully [music producer] T Bone Burnett would be involved in some way because all of this music comes from him."

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And Sam Palladio confirms the speculation, saying, "There's certainly talks of it at the moment. I hope so; it'd be great, and I'd love to do it. The conversations are being had, and possible venues are being talked about ... If we can find a couple weeks to do a tour, to see the fans and spread the music, we'd love to."

But wait, what about the leading ladies? Well, that’s the bad news — neither Connie Britton nor Hayden Panettiere are expected to join the fun.

“I know a lot of these guys go out every weekend and perform but that's not what I'm interested in right now," Connie tells THR. (Easy, Connie! No one will ever love you like we do.)

Et tu, Hayden? "I would need to get over my stage fright first," the blonde starlet reveals.

Alright, Callie Khouri — give us some hope. “It depends on how much [the cast] wants to spend their hiatus out playing music,” the Nashville creator muses. “If my guess is correct, they're all going to want to. If we can get it together, we're definitely going to do it.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter