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Jersey Shore

Pauly D Reveals What First Attracts Him to a Girl (VIDEO)

At the Jersey Shore house, Pauly D and his MVP buddies certainly had a record number of hookups and one night stands. It got to the point where we (and the roommates!) questioned their standards, wondering if they had a preference or were just happy to find any lady to take home for the night.

Even though they played the field a lot, Pauly and Vinny did find two beautiful women to romance in Miami. We remember how cute Pauly and his then-girlfriend Rocio were together, and how Pauly was so excited to have a date with one of the “rarest roses” out there.

We figure easygoing Pauly is probably into women with an equally laid-back and goofy personality, but we can’t help but wonder what first attracts him to a girl? How does he pick out that special someone, in or out of the club?

In a recent interview with omg! Insider, Pauly was asked that very question, and with a sheepish grin, he gave the most adorable answer, simply saying, “Smile.”

It sounds like Pauly is attracted to girls with an equally fun-loving, happy attitude, and we think it’s sweet that his answer was simple instead of smarmy. And who knows what his player friend The Situation would have said in response!

Are you surprised by Pauly’s answer? Tell us below!

Source: omg! Insider