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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Recap: Season 3, Episode 23 — Spencer Joined the “A” Team?!

Spencer, how could you?! In tonight’s stunning Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 23: “I’m Your Puppet”), Alison appears to have joined a fight club, Spencer tries her hand at babysitting, and Wren proves what a helpful guy he is.

Wherein Spencer Goes to the Dark Side

We suspected it last week, and now it appears to be true: Spencer has joined the “A” team! Say it ain’t so! But is Spencer just doing it to get clues, as we’re hoping?

Either way, Spencer tells Mona she’ll join forces with her, and she has a hoodie stashed in her pillow case, along with tickets to the puppet show where Malcolm was found. How dare the “A” team use puppets for evil! Kermit would be so disappointed.

Spencer also chats and slow-dances with Alison for a bit. Spence finds Ali by using the board game map to track down CeCe’s Radley pass. Wren then tells her he let CeCe visit Mona in Radley because CeCe was desperate, with Ali having gotten her kicked out of school. For a smart guy, Wren certainly makes a lot of dumb decisions.

And just as intriguing was the flashback to Spencer’s mom seeing Ali with a bloody lip, which Ali later tells Spencer was caused by a female. Ali wants the injury kept from her family so is this one more clue that Ali has a twin? We think that’s a safe bet.

Credit: Adam Taylor/ ABC Family    

Wherein Aria and Ezra Come Close to Breaking Up For the 11,287th Time

We had been suspicious of the fact that Aria was the only Liar who had yet to see Red Coat — but that changed this week, when Aria spots the red-wearing mystery person in the morgue just as the girls see a mask on John Doe. Between losing track of Red Coat and then losing track of Malcolm at the carnival, Aria wasn’t great at keeping people where she wanted them this week.

And then the episode ends with yet another almost-split for Ezria. With all their highs and lows, it’s becoming a little hard to care whether they stay together at this point. Don’t worry, Aria — if you do break up with Ezra, maybe “A” will cheer you up by buying you a balloon.

Wherein Emily Thinks She Knows the Truth About Toby

It sure is convenient that Emily’s mom now works at the police department, as she is able to inform Em that a second body was found in the woods. We're led to believe it's Toby’s, since Spencer’s purse was found near his body, but it appears that the body's tattoo has been smudged. Apparently, finding a missing body in Rosewood is about as commonplace as finding a missing sock in a laundromat dryer.

What the heck is going on with Emily and Shana? We found out last week Paige never mentioned to Em that Shana is a swimmer — so why all the secrecy? Might Paige and Shana be working for the “A” team? Speaking of Emily-related mysteries, we’re still wondering about the dude whom Emily met a few weeks back who was supposedly Toby’s co-worker. No more new characters, please!

Credit: Adam Taylor/ ABC Family    

Wherein Hanna Has Her Bell Rung

Hanna knows how much “A” loves messing with the Liars’ parents, so we’re surprised it took her so long to realize “A” replaced the church’s bell with a cheaper one, not Caleb’s dad. And as the girls point out, we doubt there’s much of a demand on the black market for stolen church bells anyway.


— Was that the real Ali whom Spencer sees in Radley — or is it a hallucination? We must admit, it’s really seeming like Ali has a twin after the episode, given that it was likely her twin who caused that bloody lip. And Ali’s comment about Spencer never really knowing Ali suggests that a twin was impersonating her. It's like The Parent Trap, only much less adorable.

— Is Wren up to no good — or is Eddie? One of the two seems to be trouble, as we now know Wren was the one who messed with the visitor passes. But what did Wren mean about Eddie doing something similar with Spencer to what he did with Mona?

Credit: Adam Taylor/ ABC Family    

— Is Toby really dead? We still can’t shake the fact that the second body might end up being Jason’s, since he disappeared so mysteriously after his elevator fall. And we just don’t see Toby as being all that easy to kill. Then again, maybe we just really want to see Toby’s abs one more time.

— Once again, Melissa and CeCe are somehow in cahoots — so did those two murder Ali? The fact that Ali got CeCe kicked out of school is certainly suspicious. That said, we can’t imagine CeCe was the most devoted student to begin with.

Other Things To Be Discussed:

— We loved Aria’s car-covered top this week, but our favorite fashion choice was Spencer’s mom in her silky purple robe. In fact, we just liked how the robe made her look like she was channeling her inner Merlin. And speaking of magic, we wish someone could make “A” disappear.