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Revenge Season 2: How Does Jack Porter Trick Conrad Grayson?

Emily Thorne is known in the Hamptons for being a world-class Revenger, but she’s about to have some competition. In March 10’s episode, “Retribution,” Jack Porter woke up to discover that his wife had died and Conrad Grayson was in some way responsible.

But instead of lashing out and screaming at the millionaire, Jack quickly crafted his own revenge plan. This took tons of will power considering Jack was in the process of sobbing uncontrollably over his fallen stripper.

When Conrad entered the hospital room, Jack claimed that he knew Conrad was really there because he had just paid his hospital bill, calling the gubernatorial candidate “very generous.”

Don't cha mean “dangerous,” Jacky?

Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

And Jack went on to say that he thought Nate Ryan’s decision to kill Amanda and injure him was based on the sins of his father. In case you forgot, Nate originally thought Jack’s father, Carl Porter Sr., was responsible for the death of his father, Joe Ryan.

But both Nate and his brother, Kenny, learned that Carl’s friend Matt Duncan was actually responsible for the death. So Jack knew that Nate’s attack wasn’t actually based on that old vendetta.

Nate was working with Conrad to restore The Docks and steal The Stowaway until Amanda blackmailed Conrad with Emily’s stolen computer. So Nate’s actions on The Amanda were entirely driven by his desire to work with Conrad and eliminate the threat of Amanda and Jack.

Jack even goes on to stand side-by-side with Conrad at his press conference for the gubernatorial race. Connie’s convinced that Jack knows nothing of his involvement with Nate or with that happened on The Amanda, which puts Jack in the perfect position to take out the Hamptonite.

Are you surprised that Jack’s acting so revengey? Tell us below!

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