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Revenge Season 2 Spoiler: Charlotte Grayson Is “Losing It”

Charlotte Grayson’s pill popping days are a distant memory on Revenge, but the youngest Hamptonite (minus Baby Carl David) might be having another breakdown soon.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up actress Christa Allen at The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences event, “An Evening With Revenge,” on March 4, and she happily talked about Charlotte’s complicated future.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How is the death of her sister going to affect her?

Christa Allen: So we saw Charlotte sort of lose her mind a bit in Season 1. And I think we might be heading a bit in that direction again but maybe down a sort of slightly different path which is good, but she's losing it.

And she's changing her name. Are we going to see any more independence come from her?

Yeah, definitely. All of her walls are coming down. She's learning that she can't conform to her family’s standards anymore. Now it's really just about finding herself.

How is this craziness going to manifest itself?

It's going to manifest itself with a bit of violence. Then who knows. After that, I'm not sure. I'm not sure what direction they're taking it.

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Do you feel your character is stronger this season because she seems more on her game this time?

She's definitely more adept at handling issues than she was last season.

Do you like that?

I love it. I'm 21 now, but I remember those experiences at 17, 18 years old where you're still just finding yourself. And she's having to do it pretty quickly, but she's got a handle on it at this point.

We love whenever Victoria encounters Declan because she's got this attitude towards him. Do you like those scenes as well?

I do, but you know what, I think somewhere deep down she actually likes him. He's really a stand-up guy. Declan doesn't do anything bad to anyone and more or less takes care of her daughter.

What about Charlotte and Emily? Where is that going?

I hope that that's a major plot point, maybe towards the end of the season or if we do Season 3. But I feel like it has to be a big thing. It can't just be like, “Oh, by the way, I'm really your sister. We lied.”

Are you looking forward to this crazier side of Charlotte? Tell us below!

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