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Revenge Season 2: Will Emily Thorne Go After Victoria Grayson’s Children?

Revenge is getting dark, y’all! And we’re not just talking about Emily Thorne’s black hoodie or Jack Porter’s inability to get a proper haircut. In March 10’s episode, “Retribution,” Ems recovered her laptop that was filled with all the evidence necessary to put the Graysons away for life.

But instead of locking that bad boy up next to her Infinity Box, Ems tossed it into the ocean, Rose Dawson-style. Why, you ask?

“The kind of punishment I came here for had nothing to do with prison,” Emily tells Aiden. “That computer only clouded my judgment.”

So what kind of punishment does Emily want Victoria and co. to endure? We have a definite feeling that it will involve Vicki’s children.

“You try to protect your children from all pain, but to not be able to stop what’s going on behind those steel doors,” Victoria says to Emily when Charlotte is IDing Amanda’s body at the morgue.

“You must feel so helpless,” Emily replies looking thoughtful.

Could Emily, perhaps, want to make Victoria feel helpless again by hurting her daughter or even taking care of her permanently?

The signs from this episode indicate, yes! When Emily stood by Amanda’s grave, Victoria’s musings proved to be potentially prophetic.

“At least [David Clarke] wasn’t here to see her go. To lose a child like that. No one should have to bare that kind of loss,” Victoria says.

Stop giving this Revenger ideas or you could see your golden boy or pretty teen daughter gone for good, Victoria!

But would Emily really kill her half sister or former fiancé just to teach Victoria a lesson? Maybe she won’t go that extreme.

“What’s worse is Victoria’s using Amanda’s death to get close to Charlotte again,” Emily says to Aiden. “Without that love, Victoria would have nothing.”

So maybe she’ll just try to break Charlotte’s love for Victoria and keep the two apart. What do you think? Would Emily actually kill Charlotte or Daniel to get back at Victoria? Tell us your thoughts below!