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The Voice

Top 5 Best Christina Aguilera Songs of All Time

Is anyone else in the midst of a deep depression over the loss of Christina Aguilera this season on The Voice? Now that this feisty diva is taking a break from the hit TV show in Season 4, who will rock amazing wigs and bring back the flamingo fans? Blake Shelton?

But seriously, Christina has taught us so much about life, like loving our bodies and that pants are entirely overrated. And these life lessons happened long before The Voice even aired.

So what Christina songs moved us and made us want to dye our hair blonde with black streaks? Here are our Top 5 favorite Christina Aguilera songs:

5) “Genie in a Bottle”

Though Xtina spent years trying to get away from this song, we’ll never forget her rolling around in the sand or her extreme tassel shirt. Also noteworthy: we were singing about wanting someone to “rub us the right way” before we knew exactly what that meant. Thanks Christina for being part of life’s journey with us and for showing us that orange cargo pants were entirely acceptable attire.

4) “The Voice Within”

This song basically reduces us to tears every time we hear it. Christina’s voice is so powerful that it makes us think that our voices within would be equally amazing (spoiler alert: they’re not). Plus, Xtina’s Season 2 finalist, Chris Mann, sang the song in an emotional performance on the show, and by the way... the show is called The Voice. Did producers get the entire inspiration from this song? We don’t want to speculate, but it wouldn’t be the first time Christina’s music inspired a nationwide phenomenon (like assless chaps).

3) “Beautiful”

OK, so maybe Damian’s rendition in Mean Girls is the first that comes to mind when this song is thrown out, but there’s no denying that Xtina’s inspiration ballad motivated an entire generation. It taught us that words can’t bring us down, but that pop divas know how to bring the house down.

2) “Ain’t No Other Man”

We love that Christina is able to give this song and video an old-timey feel while belting impressive notes and rocking hair curlers. Her gold, glittering suspenders are almost as fabulous as her face-melting high notes. Her riff literally burst a light bulb at one point in the music video ... take that, Britney.

1) “Fighter”

This song reminds us to stand up to our haters and that Lady Gaga isn’t the only one who can make a strange music video. The tune prompted Team Xtina fans to call themselves “Fighters” and made us that much wiser (smarter, etc).

Bonus Track: “Candyman”

You’re welcome, world. Not only does this video feature Christina as a blonde, brunette, and redhead, but it also brings us back to the good ol’ days when Christina seemed to have it all together. She dressed as Rosie the Riveter and wore a navy-inspired two piece all in the same video. There’s literally nothing about this that isn’t amazing.

What are your favorite Christina Aguilera songs? Hit the comments below!

03.13.2013 / 10:11 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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