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Jersey Shore

Vinny Guadagnino’s Spin-Off Will Be More Successful Than The Situation’s

It’s basically spin-off central with the Jersey Shore cast, and recently, two names were added to the pot: Vinny Guadagnino and The Situation.

While Vinny’s is the only one that is set to premiere this year — Mike’s is merely a rumor right now — both are family-centric and feature our favorite guidos.

Last time we asked, you said Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie Magro’s potential spin-off would be awesome, and it looks like you all feel the same way about both Vinny and the Sitch! In our poll on March 8, nearly 300 of you voted for whose spin-off sounds better, and it was a close race!

Vinny took the crown with 58 percent of the vote, but The Situation had 42 percent, which isn’t that far off. Plus, given that we know a lot about Vin’s spin-off and next to nothing about Mike’s, it makes sense that people vote for what they know.

Do you agree that The Show With Vinny sounds better, or are you more excited to see The Situation GTL on-screen again? Tell us below!