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16 and Pregnant’s Nikkole Paulun Shows Off Her Pregnancy Boobs (VIDEO)

Yes, you read that right. Our girl Nikkole Paulun of 16 and Pregnant is once again about to drop a baby, and in addition to giving frequent baby bump updates, the reality TV mom is giving an update about … her boobs.

Like her other 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom counterparts, Nikkole has taken to Keek to post a video of her big boob update.

“Dude! So I made this video real quick to show you guys how massive my freaking boobs have gotten,” Nikkole gushed. You’d think she’d be used to her maternity boobs growing in since she’s been pregnant before, but it’s obvious that the large size of her chesticles is freaking her out.

“Like, look at this … it’s like a boob now,” she tells fans.

Nik seems to enjoy the size of her new breasts — as she can’t seem to stop grabbing them in the video. But it’s only because (as Nikkole noted) her hooters are only going to be around for a limited amount of time.

“It’s only because I’m pregnant. When I’m not it’s going to go away and I’ll have little boobs again.” Whomp, whomp.

Poor Nik. Enjoy your big boobs while you can!

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