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3 Ways Revenge’s Eli James Could Destroy Emily Thorne’s Mission

Emily Thorne's foster brother from another mother, Eli James, just hit up the Hamptons for some revenge (or to enjoy the nice beach weather, either way), and you know what that means! Trouble is afoot, Revengers.

Who knows if we can trust this Eli fella, but one thing's for sure: if he decides to cross our girl Emily, he could be a serious detriment to her plan. Plus, let's not forget that Emily burned down boyfriend's house in a crazy pyromaniac fueled rage, so the chances of him being her no. 1 fan are pretty slim.

Check out 3 ways Eli could ruin Emily's mission!

1. He Could Reveal Her True Identity to the Graysons

From the looks of next week's promo, Eli eventually realizes that Emily Thorne is Amanda Clarke. It'll definitely take some sleuthing for him to discover that Emily's trying to take down the Graysons, but once he does, dude could easily foil her plans. UGH, stop ruining everything, Eli! You're stressing us out so much, and we don't even know you yet, sob!

2. He Could Blackmail Her

Eli doesn't have to know the details of Emily's revengenda in order to figure out that she wants to keep her real identity on the hush-hush. The good news? She has plenty of money to pay him off if he decides to blackmail her. The bad news? What if Eli wants more than just cash? This handsome gent could potentially move to the Hamptons and pressure Emily into forking over her entire inheritance! Sigh, she should probably just bury him in a sand dune to be on the safe side.

3. He Could Reveal Her True Identity to Jack Porter

In case you hadn't noticed, Jack is an emotional mess. He's this close to ending it all with a shard of sea glass, and there's no way he's mentally stable enough to learn the truth about Emily. If Eli catches wind of Jack and Emily's love connection, there's a chance that he could tell Jack the truth just to hurt Em. Then what, guys? Lord knows how many jars of sentimental glass Jack would attack.

Do you think Eli will thwart Emily's mission? Hit the comments!

03.14.2013 / 12:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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