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Teen Mom

Courtland Rogers Admits That He Still Smokes Weed

Remember when Courtland Rogers, estranged(ish) husband of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, told the world he was clean and sober? Well, that may not have been entirely true. Turns out, North Carolina's most wanted has a penchant for smoking the toke!

"And no matter what Taylor says ....I am not using drugs like that!!" he wrote on March 13, defending himself against his baby mama's accusations of hard drug use. "I do smoke weed but that's it!! She is so mad that jenelle is out."

Listen, we're not here to judge anyone's extracurricular activities (hugs not drugs, Courtland!), but you guys? We're worried about this dude. Not only does his mile-long rap sheet include felony possession of a controlled substance (he was found guilty, BTW), but he doesn't seem too mentally stable these days and they don't call marijuana the gateway drug for nothing. Plus, last time we checked smoking the ganja wasn't legal in the great state of North Cackalacky.

Of course, the most important consequence of Courtland's weed habit is the impact it could have on Jenelle, who just reconnected with Courty following a short stint in rehab. We've watched Jenelle struggle with marijuana addiction throughout the past few years on Teen Mom 2, and we'd hate to see her go down that sordid path again now that she's clean.

What do you guys think of Courtland's weed confession? Are we making a big deal out of nothing, or should Jenelle steer clear of this guy for good? Dish it below!