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Jersey Shore

Courtney Stodden Debuts New Weird “Long-Lost Sister,” Courtland (VIDEO)

We weren’t sure if Courtney Stodden went totally crazy or was just bored when she filmed a video of her dressed up as one of her many alter egos, a goth “long-lost sister” of hers she calls “Courtland.”

In the video, Courtney wears a black wig with pink streaks, ripped fishnets, and black stilettos, speaking in a bizarre accent while telling the camera all about how Courtney Stodden is “a slut” and how she’d never move to Hollywood to marry “some washed up D-list actor.” She also mocks the way Courtney says everything on her body is real (or as she pronounces it, “rill”), multiple times.

Well, props for self-awareness, we guess. After her marriage to 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison when she was only 16, some fans wondered if Courtney was for real, or if her entire skyrocket into fame is merely one large social experiment. We’re not sure, but we can safely say that she may have lost her mind in making this strange video, posing half-naked in front of a big white sheet while rambling on and spreading her legs for the camera. Eek!

This isn’t the first time Courtney had played dress-up and pretended to be her own half-sister. She got super weird when she dressed up as her other long-lost sister, “Courtina” — yet another alter ego with a totally strange accent and a lot to say about Courtney Stodden — last month.

Does she have multiple personalities? Is she crazy, or is Courtney just bored? We’re assuming the latter, though it’s hard to say for sure. Watch below, and then tell us your thoughts and theories in the comments!

03.14.2013 / 08:00 PM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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