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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013 Rehearsal: Lisa Vanderpump, Gleb Savchenko & Giggy!

Not to be biased, but please — please! — vote for Lisa Vanderpump to stay on Dancing With the Stars Season 16 beyond Week 2. (Everyone gets at least to Week 2 this season, which is good.)

She's hilarious. And she's bringing Giggy. And her pro partner, Gleb Savchenko, is her perfect match because he's young, crazy hot, and laughs off her wacky comments. And she's nothing but wacky comments. At the start of their first rehearsal video, Gleb tells Lisa he just got the call three days ago that he was cast for DWTS. It’s his first season as a pro.

Lisa: "And you were just picked for me?"

Gleb: "Yeah."

Lisa: "That's weird 'cause I really do have underwear older than you."

Gleb [laughs]: "OK."

It goes without saying that Giggy is in her lap as she says this — and when Lisa and Gleb start dancing in hold, Giggy is on her arm, between them. "Well, at least we get the dog lover vote, right?" she tells Gleb, who laughs, “This is fun!”

Then, during another Foxtrot move, he gets her into position and tells her they're not going to have contact at the moment. She jumps in with, "Oh, really? You think I came all this way for no contact? Don't be ridiculous." After another move, which he deems "perfect," she adds, "OK, so I could smack you in the face here, then knee you in the groin. That's a possibility."

They already have great chemistry — and they’re already bickering — so we’re definitely excited to see more. What do you think? DWTS Season 16 premieres Monday, March 18 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Source: ABC DWTS on YouTube