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Glee Spoiler: Is Kurt Joining A Fraternity?

The time has come to put on your favorite Kurt (Chris Colfer)-inspired turtleneck and shout "TOGA, TOGA, TOGA" at no one in particular. That's right, Glee is going Greek! Now that Kurt's a college bro (and we use the term "bro" loosely), he's all about getting into the spirit of things, which apparently means joining a fraternity. We know, we know –- Kurt doesn't seem like the most likely candidate for beer-chugging, hazing, beer pong marathons and Sperry Topsiders, but hey, crazier things have happened.

According to TV Line, word on the street is that NYADA's big league frat houses woo Kurt (and possibly Adam [Oliver Kieran-Jones]). In fact, they're so eager for these adorable gleeks to go Greek that they bypass the "dreaded pledge processes and all –– after they 'put out' (and save the day) at their big spring rager."

Hmmm, we're not sure what "put out" at the big spring rager implies, but it sounds like Kurt and Adam might do the deed in public. Unless "put out" is nerd slang for perform an impromptu mashup performance of Broadway's biggest hits while dancing around, in which case this makes total sense.

Do you think Kurt will go Greek? Because unless NYADA's frats have a dress code favoring asymmetrical sweaters, we can't really see this adventure working out.

Source: TV Line

03.14.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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