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The Bachelor

How Much Time Does The Bachelor Have With His Fiancée After Filming?

Considering how little time Sean Lowe got to spend with fiancée Catherine Giudici on The Bachelor Season 17, it’s hard to imagine the two jumping into a wedding in just a few short months. Think about it: they had a few one-on-one dates, one overnight, and a handful of cocktail party time, plus the moments they spent alone on the group dates throughout the season. And since they have to keep their relationship secret after filming, it’s hard to imagine they’ve had a lot of time since.

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But according to Season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky, there’s a lot more happening behind the scenes than viewers know, time-wise. “After the proposal the couple usually get about five days alone somewhere near where they got engaged,” Ali explains in her Bachelor blog. “For example, me and my final guy got to stay on the island of Morea for five days after, which was near Bora Bora (where we got engaged). I'm sure it varies from season to season but I would say a five day post engagement honeymoon is probably the norm.”

And after that? We know that there’s a pretty significant lag-time between when filming ends and when the finale airs and the winning couple can go public. It must be hard to keep the spark alive. “The couple is whisked away to a ‘safe house’ about once every 10 days for a five day period,” Ali reveals. “At least that is how it was for me and a few other couples I've talked to from the show.”

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Hmm, sounds like more time than we’ve spent with some of our dudes... “Keep in mind, this has a lot to do with how much free time each of the people have to travel (work could get in the way of this). So it's around 10 days away from each other, five days together, 10 days apart, five days together and so on and so forth.” That doesn’t sound that bad, but considering Catherine has a pretty sweet job at Amazon, it seems like it might be hard for her to get away as often as entrepreneur Sean.

“The producers really do everything they can to help the couple see each other and help keep the relationship strong during the tough few months when the show is airing. Keep in mind, you have to watch your fiancé date all these other women on TV. It's rough.” Yeah, especially when he tells the runner-up “I love you” a few minutes before asking you to spend your life with him...

Source: Ali’s E! Bachelor Blog