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Jersey Shore

JWOWW Wanted to Punch Roger Mathews in the Face After He Proposed

It was definitely funny watching Roger punk Jenni out on Snooki & JWOWW, taking her for a ride in a pink and black limo (her absolute favorite colors) and making her feel like her heart was in her throat during his fake-out engagement dinner. We felt bad for JWOWW, as we knew she wanted to get engaged more than anything. Luckily she had her special moment and received her custom ring after a skydiving adventure, but that didn’t stop her from admitting she was ready to sock Roger for pranking her about something so important!

“I was ready to punch him in the face,” she joked to TV Guide, and explained that she was “in shock” when she realized that when Roger finally got down on one knee, he wasn’t joking anymore.

JWOWW’s BFF Snooki has certainly settled down after getting engaged and having a baby. Is this in the cards for JWOWW as well?

Jenni assured fans that although now she’s officially off the market, that won’t stop her from continuing to live it up and have a good time. “It's funny because since I've been engaged, I've actually been doing a lot of girls' nights," she explained. "Once we get married, it's all couples dates so we're trying to get in as much time as we can with our single friends.”

One of those single friends includes Pauly D, who she hopes will DJ at the wedding. JWOWW also said she wanted Deena and Sammi Sweetheart to be bridesmaids, and Snooki to be her maid of honor. Aww! We love that even after all the drama the girls went through at the Shore House, JWOWW now sees them as sisters and wants to include them on her special day.

Are you surprised at JWOWW’s reaction to her proposal? Do you think she should have punched Roger for faking her out? Share below!

Source: TV Guide