Kim Richards Acted “Loopy” at Paris Hilton’s Birthday Party
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Kim Richards Acted “Loopy” at Paris Hilton’s Birthday Party

Sobriety has been a big part of Kim Richards’s storyline on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season.

When the housewives jetted to Paris, France for a big trip in Season 3, Episode 15 everyone was concerned about Kim’s odd behavior. She later explained that her strange demeanor was caused by mixing up her medications, but Star magazine (via Radar Online) speculates that Kim is not being completely honest about her sobriety.

In the March 25 issue of the mag, sources tell Star that Kim arrived at niece Paris Hilton’s 32nd birthday party “looking loopy, with a very unnatural smile plastered across her face.” Witnesses say they saw the RHoBH star “gyrating with a shirtless go-go dancer” and “dancing wildly on stage” at Harrah’s Peek nightclub in Lake Tahoe.

“It was so inappropriate at a family event,” said one source.

Even after completing a 30-day rehab stint in 2012, an insider claims some think Kim’s current talk of sobriety is just for show — and that she might have an addiction to prescription pills.

“People are whispering that Kim never really got clean and that her sobriety is just an act,” said one source.

After watching Kim Richards talk so seriously about being sober in the most recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we’re having a tough time believing she’d fall off the wagon — or that her sobriety is merely an act.

Source: Star magazine (via Radar Online)