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The Bachelor

Lindsay Yenter on Sean and Catherine’s Wedding: “Of Course I Would Come”

As happy as we are to see a loving couple start a life together every Bachelor finale, we also dread seeing the runner-up’s dreams crushed. In a recent conversation with journalists, second-place gal Lindsay Yenter talks about her heartbreak, healing, and happiness post-Sean Lowe.

"Every girl doesn't want to get their heart broken, so when I realized that I wasn't going to be Sean's pick, it was hard," Lindsay admits. "I wanted to make sure that I got the closure that I needed to get … There's a point where you wonder what went wrong, what happened, so it was hard."

She did get some of that closure at the "After the Final Rose" special. however. "It was a very, 'I love you but I'm not in love with you' moment," Lindsay recollects. "It was nice to see that he truly did love me … But, you know, it's heartbreaking when someone you're in love with isn't in love with you … He did a good job of expressing when he realized that I wasn't The One, and it definitely gave me closure."

And now? Lindsay is loving life as she heads back to the classroom.

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"I hid out for about a month and just kind of recouped and got everything together … [It] was great to get into a routine and find a great job. I think just going back to my normal life really helped me with the heartbreak."

Ever the dignified woman, Lindsay also reveals she would graciously accept an invitation to the Sean-Catherine wedding. "Yes, of course I would!" she enthuses. "Of course I would come. We have a friendship, so it's great."

Maybe that’s because, as we reported earlier, she has a new paramour in her life.

"I have my eye on somebody, but I'm not ready to talk about it publicly yet!"

Consider us excited to hear more about Lindsay’s Chapter 2.

Source: Digital Spy