Revenge’s Henry Czerny Talks Conrad Grayson: Is He the Next to Die?
Credit: Vivian Zink/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    
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Revenge’s Henry Czerny Talks Conrad Grayson: Is He the Next to Die?

Conrad Grayson has become one of the villains we love to hate on Revenge. So when Wetpaint Entertainment got to speak with actor Henry Czerny at The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ event, “An Evening With Revenge,” we had to ask him about the future of Papa Grayson.

Here’s what he had to say about his partner in crime, Victoria, his gubernatorial race, and Conrad’s potential death:

Wetpaint Entertainment: How will Amanda Clarke's death affect Conrad?

Henry Czerny: Well, obviously on some level he feels somewhat responsible, although he never asked for that to happen. But as anyone can recognize when you send someone out on a journey that you know may inflict damage on someone else you hope it doesn't, but it does you're going to start to kind of feel badly about it. But he doesn't feel badly about things for very long because then he wouldn't be able to maintain his fiefdom. So he's going to feel somewhat badly, remind himself that it wasn't him who did it, and he will go on to make as much hay out of it as he possibly can.

How much, the new Initiative guy that came in the last episode, how much worse is he than Helen, if he is worse?

Well, when you say worse I always go to deliciously discomforting. I think every character on this show gets to be that except for Emily [Thorne]. She's just delicious. He will try in more masculine ways to subvert the Graysons.

Do you feel like Conrad has a better shot against him?

Conrad thinks he always has a better shot against everybody.

But there's got to be repercussions for killing this woman off?

You have to watch it to find out.

What about his political career? Where is that going?

Right to the top. There's never been a world leader. Conrad is approaching that. He's not going to stop at Mount Whitney. He's going all the way up to Everest. So Mount Whitney might be a weigh station.

Revenge’s Henry Czerny Talks Conrad Grayson: Is He the Next to Die?
Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

If you had to describe your arc for the rest of this spring, how can we sort of hone it in?

We can just hone it in by spectacular. It's a spectacular arc. I have no idea what this guy's going to do. He's going to get up to stuff that I couldn't even imagine, and I'm going to love dishing it out.

So we shouldn't be worried about death for you?

Absolutely not. If you were, why would you worry that Conrad's going to die?

We don't want to lose him.

You'll never lose him. He'll always be around. Even after his death, he'll always be around.

Do you think Conrad and Victoria are really just meant to be together despite all the friction?

Of course they're together. They're meant to be together. How can I say they're not meant to be together, of course, they're meant to be together.

It's a love story essentially.

Well, as much [as] Muhammad Ali loved Joe Frazier, yeah. I mean, without the other one what are you doing. You're just boxing air, right?

Do you think Conrad could die on Revenge? Tell us below!

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