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Pretty Little Liars

Watch Pretty Little Liars Online: Season 3, Episode 23: “I’m Your Puppet”

In the most recent episode of Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 23: “I’m Your Puppet”), Spencer joined the “A” team and yet another body was found in Rosewood. Is Toby really dead? Or does that body belong to Jason, who has been mysteriously MIA for the last few weeks?

If you missed the emotional episode, don’t worry! You can watch the full episode below. And here’s a brief recap of the madness if you can’t take the suspense of going in blind.

With Spencer in Radley the Liars do their best to convince their friend Toby might actually be alive. After all, the body found in the woods belonged to a park ranger. But Spencer doesn’t believe them; she knows what she saw. So Emily decides to take matters into her own hands. Together with Hanna and Aria, Emily sneaks into the morgue to snap a pick of the dead guy’s face (gross) in order to prove to Spencer that Toby isn’t dead.

Sadly, she’s in for the shock of her life when her mom informs her the police found yet another body in the woods -- and this one belongs to a young male.

Meanwhile, Spencer is on a mission of her own when she discovers something Mona left behind -- a map! Well, it’s actually a board game, but Spencer quickly discovers Mona used it to sneak out of Radley to complete her missions for “A.” As a newly minted member of the “A” team, Spencer gets her first assignment from the Big “A,” and unfortunately for Aria, it involves Malcolm.

But Aria isn’t “A’s” only target; Hanna gets a rude awakening of her own. And it may destroy her relationship with Caleb!

But don’t take our word for it! Watch the whole episode for yourself above, and let us know what you think.