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The Bachelorette

What 3 Questions Does The Bachelor App Ask That The Bachelorette’s Doesn’t?

After watching Sean Lowe find love in the oft-hopeless place that is The Bachelor, it’s a natural inclination for us to be all “how do I get on the show? I want to touch abs like those...” And what about you, how much do you want to be on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? And what questions would you be willing to answer to get there? Well, we snooped through the questionnaires men and women are asked to fill out to get on the show and found them to be strangely different in a few marked ways.

While both applications ask a series of questions designed to find out about who people are before sending them on to the next level (a psych eval, etc.), the guys’ questionnaire has a few extra steps involved.

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1. “Please describe your ideal mate in terms of physical attraction and in terms of personality attraction.” Both apps ask this question, but the guys’ questionnaire also adds “What is most important, physical attraction or personality when first meeting someone?” Hmm, curious. Why would ABC only wonder this about their male applicants? Real talk, our answer would be “both,” because Ryan Bowers.

2. “Why would girls think you are an eligible Bachelor?” No, we’re not being clever and all “but why doesn’t the girl one say this oh hahah because they’re GIRLS.” The app for girls doesn’t even care why a dude would think the applicant is an “eligible bachelorette” because, uh, we don’t even have something clever to say here. It’s just weird that it’s not asked. But the weirdest discrepancy? Wait for it....

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3. “Do you think you are ready for marriage? If so why – or why not?” First of all, shouldn’t everyone who goes on the show be asked this if the purpose is for the relationship to end in a marriage? Even though there have only been three marriages as a direct result of any relationship derived via these shows (not including marriages between fellow rejects from various seasons), it would be a bit ridic to have the rose-doler ask a contestant if he’s ready to get hitched and have him just be like “nope. But many of my female friends find me to be an eligible Bachelor...”

So, why are they only asking guys this question? Do they figure every girl is just jumping at the chance to tie the knot, or is this just an oversight? You be the judge. Judge away in the comments section below.

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03.14.2013 / 06:12 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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