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American Idol

American Idol’s Kree Harrison Says Boyfriend Is Her “Biggest Support” – Exclusive

American Idol 2013 hopeful Kree Harrison has received rave reviews from the judges and the fans so far this season. Randy Jackson told Wetpaint after the Top 10 was announced that Kree has “serious talent” and she reminds him of Kelly Clarkson.

While Kree is loving all the positive praise from the American Idol judges and her new supporters across the country, there is one special person whose support means everything to her. Wetpaint chatted with Kree after the Top 10 results show about her relationships inside and outside the Idol house this season.

Is there a judge that you connected to more than the others?

I wouldn't say more so than one or the other. I connected to all of them for different reasons. I love each one. I'm so glad that I can be a part of this with them.

What about contestants. Is there anyone you're close to in the competition?

Yes, Angie and I have become really close. We're roommates and have been for the past three rounds. And each time, we go back and just look at each other and scream for about five minutes in complete – not denial, but just like, wow, this is surreal. It's crazy.

What did I just witness here on the carpet? There was this big massive air hug?

That's my boyfriend, and we've been together for four years. I haven't seen him in a while, and he was here to support me and root me on in the crowd. And I was so happy to see him. He's been the biggest support.

You're going to live in a house with other people.

Whoa. I haven't even thought about that yet.

What does that do to your relationship?

You know what? We've actually been long distance the entire time. So it's not going to be anything different, but, yeah, hopefully, he can come visit. I can't wait for him to meet everybody in the competition. It's going to be fun.

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