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The Bachelor

Bachelor Winner Catherine Giudici: My Dad Will Walk Me Down the Aisle!

If there’s one resounding commonality between Bachelor Sean Lowe and his final pick (and now-fiancee) Catherine Giudici, it’s their strong bond with their families. During The Bachelor Season 17 hometown dates, viewers got to meet Catherine’s equally gorgeous and equally down-to-earth sisters, Monica and India, who candidly warned Sean about a few of Catherine’s no-so-sparkly qualities. Then, in the finale, the world fell in love with Sean’s family yet again when they flew out to meet Sean in Thailand and assess his final two ladies.

It was Sean’s dad Jay who provided the most poignant moment of the finale (well, second maybe to the proposal itself). Speaking one-on-one with Catherine, Jay told her, “If it’s you that Sean ends up marrying, you will never have a bigger fan than me. I’ll love you like my daughter. And I just met you, and that’s what’s cool about it. Sometimes you just know.”

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This exchange was especially moving in light of Catherine’s disclosure to Sean in St. Croix about how her father once tried to kill himself in front of her and her sisters. "When I was 14, my dad had a suicide attempt in front of my sisters and I, and he was immediately taken away... Catherine told Sean on the beach during their one-on-one date. “It's kinda hard for me to deal with, because he's my dad. I needed you to know that." Meeting Sean’s dad for the first time and having him immediately welcome her to the family was an obvious relief to the 26-year-old Seattleite, who wiped tears from her eyes.

Catherine’s father, Carey Giudici, has since moved past his struggles with depression and is now very close with his daughters. He even penned a heartfelt note about Catherine on Facebook, calling her a “strong, beautiful soul.” Carey lives abroad in Taipei, Taiwan, and hasn’t met his daughter’s Bachelor fiance... yet.

On The Bachelor Season 17 “After the Final Rose,” Sean and Catherine announced their plans to marry “soon” — maybe even this summer! The next day, in a conference call with reporters, Catherine revealed she’s already selected her maid of honor (BFF Crista Osher), and has plans for her dad’s participation in the televised wedding. “He will be walking me down the aisle,” Catherine confirmed. “My dad, I love him so much. And, you know, I've — I said a lot of personal things on the show. And I just wanted to reiterate the fact that he is such a part of my life and I love him so much, and I'm excited for him to be part of the wedding.”