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The Voice

Christina Aguilera’s Best Dance GIFs

If there’s one thing that gets us through the day it’s Christina Aguilera and her sheer fabulousness. The illustrious pop diva is currently taking off Season 4 from The Voice, but to remind you of her flawless ways, we’ve rounded up our favorite Xtina dance GIFs.

Check them out and tell us what you think below!

The Pop and Reveal

 photo 3404_zpsabbaffc7.gif

The Tassel Shirt Shake

 photo christina_aguilera1_zps65bcfef4.gif

The Look Down

 photo ChristinaAguilera-AintNoOtherMan-Letterman003_zps5c84fe45.gif

The Laugh

 photo Christina-Aguilera-christina-aguilera-33324617-500-240_zps071a9888.gif

The Arm Up and Body Roll

 photo christina-aguilera-gif-50_zps4b9f9f80.gif

The Swag Strut

 photo tumblr_lpfnvdiohZ1qafrh6_zpse8c1441f.gif

The Boob Grab

 photo tumblr_lxcvaacJr11qmpg02o1_500_zpsf9c8f05b.gif

The Shade Thrower

 photo tumblr_ly2fvfS6pG1qkvt8b_zpsae2af93d.gif

The Fan and Flirt

 photo tumblr_lyn3oq7I6I1r39z5w_zps7764db91.gif

The Body Shake With My Ladies

 photo tumblr_lyn3qyjI2f1r39z5w_zps9ed6592e.gif

The Seated Body Roll

 photo tumblr_m0fy30zE9U1r5ih4o_zpsb1e22f29.gif

The Betty Boop

 photo tumblr_m1d7wqdJc51r2t9b7_zps818b486d.gif

The Lady Marmalade Arm Raise

 photo tumblr_lz3rmphUyY1qcwph1o1_500_zpseafa2db2.gif

The Bend and Snap

 photo tumblr_m9jbupa1hx1rvlnj6o1_500_zpsc6a4f143.gif

The Army Shimmy

 photo tumblr_m1d91wu6pV1r2t9b7_zpsfd80fbf2.gif

The Shake and Shhh

 photo tumblr_m26r0f0KNz1rpq1h9o1_400_zps1a85ed17.gif

The Explosion Walk Away

 photo tumblr_mb49m8ZOs91rt27hoo1_500_zps110e0cf1.gif

The Knee Bop

 photo tumblr_m34y4wFeto1qammd0o1_500_zpsb5deebfb.gif

The Dirrty Grind

 photo tumblr_mb5vfuGFFK1ro7u9io1_500_zps202b1318.gif

The Hair Twirl

 photo tumblr_md9zss4dW21rjujfxo1_500_zps9fce3fa1.gif

The Rosie the Riveter Wink

 photo tumblr_mb5uutDeaL1ro7u9io1_400_zps472efe06.gif

The Lotus Flower

 photo tumblr_mexcw9DHYJ1ql0luzo1_r1_500_zps4cbdd1a2.gif

The Dramatic Top Hat

 photo tumblr_mh7vboeZvA1rzp8tmo1_500_zps789ba502.gif

The Raise the Roof

 photo tumblr_mgbxk1IK2X1rvvqj8o1_500_zpsacf581a3.gif

And ... This Gloriousness

 photo qIqTu_zps89e34d1e.gif

03.15.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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