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The Bachelor

Critic Says There’s No Romance in The Bachelor — Do You Agree? (POLL)

Hope Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici aren’t readers of Catherine’s hometown newspaper, The Seattle Times, because op-ed writer Tranh Tan has damning words for The Bachelor and the romance it promotes (or show-mance, as the case may be).

“Unless you’re Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, the likelihood of surviving one of these reality shows still hitched seems unlikely … Google what happened to those couples and you’ll realize quick: The secret to a happy marriage may be to deal with your issues behind closed doors and to keep the video crews far, far away.” Tranh writes in a column entitled “There’s Nothing Romantic About The Bachelor or Reality TV.”

”I’ve seen enough of this genre over the years to deduce reality stars are usually not in love with each other,” she continues. “They’re in love with the idea of winning something. Anything. A rose? A husband? Morning show fodder after a breakdown?”

Tranh also quotes New York Times columnist Gail Collins, who writes, “Do you find it strange that we live in a country where arranged marriages are regarded as unwise and antiquated, yet one of the longest running programs on television is about a bunch of young women who compete for the affection of a young man none of them had ever met before? A show where it is preordained that at the end of the season said bachelor will announce that he is in love with two of them and will need the full two-hour finale to choose his mate?”

Yowza. Them’s fightin’ words. But do you agree with these assessments? Are you cynical about The Bachelor and other reality-show romances? Or are you a true believer? Sound off in our poll below.

Source: Seattle Times, New York Times

They're such skeptics! I know the love is true.

I agree with these op-ed writers!

03.15.2013 / 09:07 PM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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