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Glee Promo, 4:17 — In-Depth Analysis of “Guilty Pleasures”

Another Glee episode wraps, and already we can’t stop thinking about what will happen next week. For your convenience, we’ve dissected next week’s promo frame-by-frame, second-by-second, to give you some of our insights into what you can expect next week in Season 4, Episode 17: “Guilty Pleasures.”

00:01 “Your guilty pleasure. What is it?”
Well, from the song spoilers for this episode, we have a feeling at least one of Blaine’s (Darren Criss) involves singing Phil Collins songs alone in the dark. It takes all kinds, you know.

00:04 Choose life. Choose short shorts. Choose Wham!
Meanwhile, Sam’s (Chord Overstreet) guilty pleasure is the George Michael’s 80’s group, Wham! Apparently, Sam and Blaine will be subbing for Mr. Schue while he’s out with the flu.

00:08 Marley is fighting mad!
“Tell me its not true!” she yells at the guy standing in front of her. But who is she so upset at? Judging from the back of his head, the mystery guy appears to be either Blaine or Ryder (Blake Jenner). If it’s Ryder, could this mean another development in the continuing Jake (Jacob Artist)-Marley-Ryder drama?

00:09 Britney and Kitty are sharing secrets...
We’re willing to bet anything this has something to do with their upcoming webisode of everybody’s favorite internet talk show, “Fondue for Two.”

00:10 And what’s Kurt’s dirty little secret?
Besides his proclivity for weird pillows with arms? Your guess is as good as ours there. But we think we’re going to call this weird monstrosity a Breakup Buddy.

00:11 Brittany’s guilty pleasure: The Spice Girls
Wait... are we supposed to feel guilty about that? According to these pics of the New Directions girls each dressed as a different Spice Girl, it would appear Brit’s favorite is Sporty.

Oh, and Sam likes Taylor Swift, which is actually pretty awesome, considering that Taylor is friends with actor Chord Overstreet in real life, and the two were even rumored to be dating back in early 2011.

00:13 Glee’s Spice Girls have their big performance!
We’ve seen the spoilers, so we know that the number they’re performing is the British girl group’s hit, “Wannabe.” So which New Direction girl is playing which Spice? We’ve got the complete list right here.

00:15 What is that!?
You look horrified now, Rachel, but you’ll be cuddling up with your very own Breakup Buddy, because you’re about to find out that Brody’s a “Creep.”

00:18 “You have feelings for me?”
Ryan Murphy himself said Blaine wouldn’t be making a move on Sam, but he never ruled out Sam making a move on Blaine, now did he?

00:20 The tomcat is out of the bag.
As we learned tonight, Brody’s just a gigolo. And it looks like Rachel’s about to find out all about it, leading to an emotionally exhausting scene with a lot of crying! Nice work spilling the beans on that one, Santana. Then again, we’re pretty sure Rachel would have found out eventually — especially now that Finn is in on the secret.

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