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Glee Season 4 Speculation: Will Rachel Berry Get Pregnant? — UPDATE

UPDATE: Rachel seemed to be pregnant after an at-home test confirmed it in Episode 15, but in Episode 16 a visit to the doctor proved that she's not actually pregnant after all. False alarm.

Rachel (Lea Michele) broke up with Finn (Cory Monteith) and it’s unclear whether she has a future with Brody (Dean Geyer), even though the two are living together. So, why is there a rumor about Rachel’s future as a mommy? Let’s discuss.

According to TV Line, it’s a definite possibility that Rachel may be adding the role of “mother” to her resumé. Spoiler king Michael Ausiello revealed back in November that a leading female character on prime time TV will get pregnant sometime during the next three months, and he lists Rachel as one of the possibilities. Lo and behold, Episode 14: “I Do" ends with Rachel being kept company by a pregnancy test!

“When Madame X finds out that she’s with child, she’ll be — understatement alert! — shocked. Fans of the show, by contrast, will likely love the plot twist,” Michael says of the huge development.

Before you run out to buy a “Mama’s Little Drama Queen” onesie for Rachel’s progeny, let’s consider this. Would anyone “love” this plot twist? Unlikely. Rachel Berry has her whole future ahead of her, and considering she broke up with Finn in part to focus on her Broadway dreams, we think a family’s a little premature.

Under what conditions would you want to see Rachel have a baby? Is there another character on Glee whose pregnancy you would welcome? You know the drill — tell us your thoughts below.

Source: TV Line

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03.15.2013 / 07:19 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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