Lindsay Yenter Turns Down Bachelor Pad 4: “Not a Show for Me”
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The Bachelorette

Lindsay Yenter Turns Down Bachelor Pad 4: “Not a Show for Me”

Looks like Lindsay Yenter's time in Chris Harrison's proverbial bosom has come to an end. This gal was brutally rejected by Sean Lowe during Bachelor Season 17's dramatic finale, and now that she's gone back to the real world (a tragic place full people like us), she's ready to put reality TV behind her.

Not only was Lindsay bypassed as the next Bachelorette (that coveted job went to Desiree Hartsock), she has zero interest in being on Bachelor Pad! "I am not," Lindsay said when asked if she's considering the competition. "I think that it's a great show. It's just not a show for me."

Um, talk about a blow. A world without Lindsay in a swimsuit isn't a world we're ready to live in, but it's understandable that she'd want a break from Bachelor Nation. After all, this bombshell is a full-time early childcare education teacher, and she's in a brand new relationship with a mysterious gent who she met a month after leaving The Bachelor!

Do you think Lindsay is making the right call by rejecting Bachelor Pad, or do you hope she has a change of heart? Considering that the show doesn't start filming until after The Bachelorette wraps up, girlfriend has plenty of time to make ye olde switcheroo and spray tan herself silly!

Source: ABC