Lisa Vanderpump Slams Dana Wilkey’s “Angry Diatribe” on RHoBH
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump Slams Dana Wilkey’s “Angry Diatribe” on RHoBH

Lisa Vanderpump loves to tell like it is. So when former honorary housewife Dana Wilkey took a swipe at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during her girls’ date with Taylor Armstrong in Season 3, Episode 17, we knew a pithy rebuttal would follow shortly.

In her Bravo blog, Lisa does not disappoint! She wrote this of Dana’s candid rant:

“I can't even indulge her angry diatribe that is so judgmental about people she really hasn't any knowledge of. I know she feels the need to be relevant, but is that the best she has to offer? She is somebody I never really invested in. All her nonsense about ridiculously priced sunglasses and flashy cars seems ridiculous and superficial.”

Lisa Vanderpump also weighed in on Kyle and Kim Richards’ heart-to-heart talk during the opening of Kyle’s boutique, calling their dynamic “constantly confusing.”

“I have learnt to remain impartial with regard to that relationship,” she wrote. “Paris was a tough lesson.”

But not all of her comments about the last Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode were critical. Lisa gave Yolanda Foster props for confronting Taylor about talking behind Yolanda’s back.

“I liked the fact that Yolanda, like myself, has a preference to confront things head on, deal with the negative energy that has surrounded the convoluted situation regarding Taylor, David, and his ex-wife Linda,” wrote Lisa. “We cannot judge somebody according to the perception of an ex-spouse... We have to digest information and form our own opinion. David is a gentle and altruistic man, from what I have seen, and I appreciated Yolanda setting Taylor straight.”

We always appreciate Lisa’s candor, too. And we can’t wait to read what she has to say about her impending vow renewal party with husband Ken Todd!

Source: Lisa Vanderpump’s Bravo Blog