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Miley Cyrus Shares “A Little Piece of Heaven” Amid Split Rumors (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus took a little Twitter break recently, after some "lies" came out that she had called off her wedding to Liam Hemsworth. She said she was only going to discuss her music from now on.

But that was last week and a lot has come out since then — including photos of Miley without her engagement ring on, and rumors that she and Liam had split, at least for now. Sometimes you just have to vent, so in addition to retweeting Evan Rachel Wood's post about privacy/anti-tabloids, Miley also tweeted, on March 14, "that awkward moment when someone is talking and it takes everything inside of you to not scream SHUT THE HELL UP (in Madea voice of course)."

Then she shared this more peaceful post and photo:

Gotta love a good foot-toasting!

So it doesn’t sound like she’s really exiting the social media world, she just wants some peace, quiet, and support — and probably some hug therapy from her many adorable dogs. Who really cares about a fiance as long as you have puppies?

Source: @MileyCyrus