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Pregnant Jenna Dewan-Tatum “Heartbroken” Over Cruelty to 18,000 Animals

If you follow Jenna Dewan-Tatum on Twitter, you know that amid her photos with husband Channing Tatum and comments on her pregnancy, she regularly tweets about animal welfare.

Jenna recently posted a letter via PETA, urging Riverside County, Calif., District Attorney Paul Zellerbach to file felony cruelty charges against the people responsible "for the cruel and needless suffering of more than 18,000 animals at Global Captive Breeders (GCB) in Lake Elsinore, Calif."

According to PETA, on December 12, law-enforcement officials mounted the largest-ever seizure of animals in California at GCB. As PETA wrote, "Rats were routinely grabbed by the tail and slammed against hard surfaces when workers decided to kill them. Then they were thrown into trash bins or into a reptile's cage while still alive and convulsing. Tubs used for housing flooded frequently, drowning countless rats and leaving hundreds of others — exhausted, shivering, and terrified — to struggle to keep their heads above the water as it rose.

Jenna wrote, in part of her letter, "As an expectant mother, I was particularly heartbroken to see photos of ailing mother rats with open wounds on their bodies who stood guard protectively over their dead or dying babies in the filthy plastic tubs that they were confined to without access to adequate food, water, or even moderately fresh air to breathe… Justice must be served for the unspeakable suffering endured by countless animals at GCB."

Read her full letter, and learn more about PETA's efforts here.

Source: PETA

03.15.2013 / 04:15 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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