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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Your Burning Questions From Season 3, Episode 17!

Each episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is filled with surprising and shocking moments that sometimes require closer examination. With that in mind, here are answers to your top five burning questions from Season 3, Episode 17: “No Business Like Clothes Business.”

1. How do the other ladies feel about Kyle’s treatment of Kim?
Not everyone approves of how Kyle Richards has been acting toward Kim. Brandi Glanville says in her Bravo blog that she thinks “Kyle could have been a bit more supportive” rather than “constantly doubting” Kim. And Taylor Armstrong says she was “troubled" watching Kyle leave her store opening and 300 people to go sit with Kim and talk about her sobriety.”

2. Are Yolanda and Kim still close?
In a word: No, as Yolanda Foster felt disrespected by how Kim treated her at Kyle’s store opening. Yolanda says she went out of her way to help Kim in Paris, since Kim wasn’t feeling well, but at the opening, she says Kim “barely greeted me.” Yolanda also says she isn’t buying Kim’s account of what happened in Paris. Aww — we had high hopes for Yolanda and Kim!

3. What really happened between Lisa and Kyle to create such tension?
Apparently, Kyle says we aren’t getting the full story on the show as to why she has issues with Lisa. “Something had happened between Lisa and I off-camera that changed our relationship,” Kyle says now, but Kyle says she “didn't want to explain that to everyone” to make things worse. Still, Kyle says she’s now ready to move forward with Lisa. We hope they can!

4. Did Brandi talk to Adrienne and Paul at all during Kyle’s boutique opening?
It doesn’t sound that way, as Brandi says she “just chose to avoid them like the plague and all was fine.” However, Brandi didn’t appreciate Adrienne Maloof saying she wanted to cause drama, as Brandi says she “was there merely to support Kyle's new store.”

5. What is Kevin Lee famous for, other than this show?
We love every crazy quip that comes out of party planner Kevin’s mouth, and we’re not the only ones, as he was the real-life inspiration for Martin Short’s wedding planner character in Father of the Bride. Kevin has also planned parties for such A-listers as Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, and Elizabeth Taylor. Shi-shi-shi, darling.