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Revenge Season 2: Emily Thorne’s Foster Brother Calls Her “Amanda” in Public! (VIDEO)

Now that Emily Thorne’s foster brother, Eli James, is back in town on Revenge, who will be his first victim? In a new sneak peek of Episode 16: “Illumination” from E! Online, Eli tells Jack Porter that Amanda Clarke hated her father David and would tell him about it when they were teens.

So why is Eli talking to Jack about Amanda’s past? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that he knows who the real Amanda Clarke is!

“Guy’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders, not at all the footloose dock boy you told me about,” Eli says about Jack. “Is he, Amanda?”

Ummm, excuse you peasant. Not even Nolan Ross calls Emily “Amanda” in public. You clearly were not educated at the appropriate charm schools.

Credit: Richard Foreman/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

If Eli’s casually throwing Em’s true identity out in the open like that, who knows what kind of trouble he’s about to stir up?

We have a feeling that the worst is yet to come, Revengers.

Plus, when will Jack learn to let go of his grudge against Emily? Doesn’t he get that they’re meant to be? Sigh, all we feel is angst.

Do you think Emily’s foster brother will reveal her identity to anyone important? Watch the clip and tell us below!

Source: E! Online

03.15.2013 / 12:20 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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