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Revenge Season 2: What Was on the Computer Emily Thorne Threw Into the Ocean?

Is it just us or are things getting a little reckless on Revenge these days? First Jack Porter throws an entire of jar of carefully-collected sea glass on the floor in a fit of rage and then Emily Thorne takes her laptop and chucks it in the Atlantic Ocean.

Was she just being careless with her valuables? Nope!

In addition to being high-tech, that laptop also contained all of the evidence necessary to put the Graysons away for good. It had hours of video surveillance footage from Grayson Global and Grayson Manor featuring Conrad and Victoria cozying up to The Initiative.

But Emily claims the computer just clouded her judgment, saying that prison was never her end game for her enemies.

It seems Ems wants the Graysons to pay on a deeper level. From the conversations between Victoria and Emily in Episode 15, “Retribution,” we have a feeling that the revenge queen will target Victoria’s children, Charlotte and Daniel.

But would Emily be able to hurt her half sister or former fiancé? That remains to be seen.

Should Emily have thrown her computer in the ocean? Tell us your thoughts below!

03.15.2013 / 01:32 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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