Revenge’s Barry Sloane Talks Aiden Mathis’s New Mission Following His Sister’s Death
Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    
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Revenge’s Barry Sloane Talks Aiden Mathis’s New Mission Following His Sister’s Death

Things are getting so crazy in the Hamptons with the return of Emily Thorne’s potentially evil foster brother, Eli James, that it’s easy to forget about some of our favorite Revengers. Take, for example, British stud Aiden Mathis who was on the cover of Em’s notebook for the majority of Season 2 until a boat explosion took out her bestie, Fauxmanda Clarke.

Now Emily’s hell-bent on revenge and doesn’t have time for boys, no matter how ruggedly handsome they may be. So where does that leave poor Aiden Mathis?

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with British star Barry Sloane at The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ event, “An Evening With Revenge,” on March 4 where he talked about the future of Aiden, his relationship with Emily, and the possibility of Sammy the Dog’s return ... as the head of The Initiative!

Wetpaint Entertainment: So Aiden's sister is dead. What's the mission now?

Barry Sloane: The mission is to support Emily [Thorne], you know, right away, and I think it’s giving him a drive. With Amanda [Clarke]’s death, it’s given Emily a focus to drive to the end now with a clear goal. It's also given Aiden a clear goal that, “OK. Well, I’ve lost my sister. I’m going to help you not lose your goal.” So he's working towards something else, so all of his energies are going to be to keep Emily happy and to make sure that this works until he gets distracted again, which he often does.

How is the relationship with Padma now that he truly trusts and is willing to work with her?

Well, again, he's getting very close to Nolan. He's close to Emily, and he's been asked by both of them to take care of this side issue. And he'll do it, you know. He's a very loyal person. He'll do as he's told.

So is she officially a part of the team going forward?

Yeah. She's part of the team. It's nice. It's like a nice foursome now.

Scooby gang.

Yeah. It's getting closer.

Revenge’s Barry Sloane Talks Aiden Mathis’s New Mission Following His Sister’s Death
Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

For a couple of episodes, we thought his sister might be alive. Then they actually went to the morgue, so is that a nail in the coffin?

Well, with these shows, it's not my call, but I don't know. I think The Initiative lies. That's all I know.

Do we think that Sammy [the Dog] could come back?

Sammy's coming back. I think Sammy's the head of The Initiative.

Are you worried? This is a show where people die frequently. Your sister's dead. Your mission's done. Do you get the next script and go, “Oh, sh?”

Well, I know I'm enjoying play the character. They seem to have things for him to do at the moment. Both actor and producers know, if you're honest, around about the same time when things have lost their truck a little bit, but I think there's a lot more to the guy. He's not a hundred percent trustworthy. He's a little dark, a little dangerous. There's plenty of places where you can stick him. So, we'll see.

I'm so curious about the accent. You're obviously doing one on television that's not your own. How did you guys land on that?

Well, it was open at first. I had spoken to Mike [Kelley, show creator] about coming in and doing the character. I could have come in and done an American on the first day. It was just up to me to make the character internal. And I thought about it, and I was going to play American. But then I came in, and I thought, “You know, I'm just going to go for that mysterious kind of upper-class British guy,” and ultimately, it was an accent that people can understand more than they can understand mine. So it came between those two reasons, acting and clarity.

Are we going to get more great bromantic moments between Aiden and Nolan?

Yes. I'm thankful because it's a pleasure working with Mr. Mann. So you'll see lots of that. They're like an old, strange husband and wife. It's going to be quite good.

Do you think Aiden should still be on the show or is time for him to be killed off? Tell us below!