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The Kardashians

Can Kim Kardashian Act? A Career Retrospective

Forget reality TV! Kim Kardashian will soon be on big screens worldwide, when Tyler Perry’s latest film, Temptation, premieres on March 29.

In her first small-but-serious film role, Kim plays Ava, a fashionable employee at a high-end marriage counseling company. In honor of this acting milestone for Kim, we’re taking a look back at some the roles that led her to it, from the campy to the...campier. Enjoy!

Disaster Movie

In Kim’s first film role, she got in the wrestling ring (very literally) with fellow bombshell Carmen Electra.

Deep In The Valley

In this comedy gem, two dudes are transported to an alternate universe where things are more like porn than real life. Kim played a character named Summa Eve, and she and Denise Richards were two of the film’s famous names, alongside Chris Pratt, pre-Parks & Rec!

CSI: NY. “Second Chances”

In Kim’s first serious acting role, she played a woman whose recovering addict boyfriend is accused of murder! Drama! Not only do we love seeing Kim stretch her acting legs, we love that she got to appear on one of her beloved crime procedurals.

Drop Dead Diva

Kim had a roller coaster role on this Lifetime series. She played Nikki LePree, a juice bar employee who was famous for her relationship advice, then landed in jail after bilking someone out of their money!

03.16.2013 / 05:30 PM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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