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Sex Cereal Hits the Market: Is Your Morning Granola the Key to Mind-Blowing Sex?

Forget Folgers — the best part of waking up may be this new cereal. Canadian entrepreneur Peter Ehrlich has developed an organic granola cereal that supposedly boosts sexuality, appropriately called Sex Cereal.

According to the Toronto Star, Ehrlich had the idea after attending a vegan food fair in Toronto in 2011. Apparently the single father felt there wasn’t enough sex appeal in health food and decided to make a sultry change to granola — and Sex Cereal was born.

Ehrlich’s Sex Cereal comes in a men’s or women’s package — each offering slighty different ingredients that are supposed to increase sex drive. They include ingredients like goji berries (which increases testosterone), chia seeds (which have Omega 3 fatty acids that get the blood circulation pumping), and maca powder, an herb from Peru that is purported to get guys in the mood.

“The Male cereal supports testosterone and energy levels, while the Female cereal was created with hormonal balance and desire in mind,” it says on the Sex Cereal website.

A nutritionist who worked on creating the cereal claims friends “definitely feel like they want to have sex” after they’ve tried it. Yet Ehrlich cautions granola lovers, saying the cereal promotes overall sexual well-being but isn’t an instant arouser. “If you have a bowl of my cereal, you’re not going to get an erection in 20 minutes,” he told the Toronto Star.

Whatever the ingredients, the cereal is definitely relying on sexy marketing to sell. The packaging for the female bag has a bombshell blonde, while the male version has a muscled dude with a gold spoon. Both have a logo of a sexy snake-charming lady coaxing a snake out of a basket — yeah, we get what you’re trying to do there!

Source: Toronto Star

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03.16.2013 / 04:25 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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