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Jersey Shore

JWOWW Talks Her Post-Engagement Night With Roger (VIDEO)

After Roger’s romantic proposal to JWOWW post-skydiving, the party wasn’t over quite yet. Once they arrived home, Jenni discovered that the romance was just beginning, and their place was covered in thousands of rose petals, an equal number of candles, and their dogs all dressed up in adorable outfits.

However, the romance stopped almost immediately after that, leading to an awful post-engagement night together! During Snooki and JWOWW’s “Tea Time” after show, Jenni revealed that at first, it was just silly.

“I come out [of the bathroom] and I see Roger in his tighty whities with chocolates melting all over his chest. It was so funny that I could not stop laughing,” she revealed. “It was hot in the most creepiest way. The fact that he did that on camera and he couldn't get them [the chocolates] lined up and they kept sliding off — it was the funniest thing that's happened to this day.”

But no one was laughing when he kept her waiting. For someone that teases his gal about never wanting to have sex, he sure missed out on their engagement night.

As we saw at the tail end of the episode, JWOWW was in the jacuzzi with champagne and candles — and as she told Snooki, with her “vibrator charging” and “a few episodes of Family Guy” — waiting for 45 minutes while Roger snoozed in their bedroom!

While she was upset that he fell asleep, she admits she does understand. “It’s probably like your wedding day when you have all of those nerves and you come down from that high and you're exhausted,” she explained. But on her wedding night, she won’t be letting him off that easy — and her BFF Snooki agrees.

“I will strap him to the bed and f— him,” Snooki said of her wedding night with Jionni. Bow chicka bow wow!

Are you surprised at how Roger and JWOWW’s engagement night turned out? Sound off below!