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Kathie Lee Gifford Thinks Ladies Shouldn’t Shave… Down There (VIDEO)

Umm, how do we put this delicately? Or rather, more delicately than Kathie Lee Gifford?

Every lady has her preference, but usually she keeps it to herself — or among her close friends and/or intimate partners. But not Kathie Lee! On Friday morning, she and Today co-host, Hoda Kotb, dished strong opinions — on national TV — in regards to a pretty hairy subject: pubic hair.

The two were discussing whether how a lady grooms herself, ahem, down there, reflects anything about her personality and dating life.

Kathie, who was brimming with early St. Patrick’s day cheer and kept breaking into a jolly Irish folk song, let it be known that she keeps things fairly natural there, praising whatever God gives us as a gift, even if it’s “a garden." And she's proud of it!

NBC has already put the clip up on their site, so you can watch the jaw-dropping moment below. We warn, this is hardly a brief exchange: the vagina dialogues clock in at nearly 12 minutes.

Kathie Lee is all about speaking her mind these days. Last August, she publicly called out Taylor Swift and Tay's then-boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, for allegedly crashing her daughter’s wedding.

The former sidekick of Regis Philbin, who will turn 60 next year, has come a long way from the wholesome image she cultivated early in her career. We have to wonder, where has this brazenly loose-lipped lady come from?! Kristen Wiig's famous impersonation leads us to believe it comes straight from the wine bottle!

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03.16.2013 / 06:25 PM EDT by Nicole Spector
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