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Mom Calls 911 and Asks Police to Scare Her Kids

Someone’s been watching a little too much Maury! While you might be able to enroll your delinquent child into an Army-boot-camp-like program on the daytime star’s show, you can’t actually call the police and ask them to come discipline your children. Melissa Townsend, 27, learned that the hard way.

When Melissa called 911 in Indian Harbour, Florida and said,” I need a police officer to scare the s**t out of my kids,” she must have been mistaking TV for reality, and in reality a call like that just gets you bawled out by emergency dispatch and, in Melissa’s case, arrested.

Let us explain: According to WESH-TV, Melissa was having quite a time getting her kids to pipe down. In a call to 911, Melissa said, “They’re [the kids] not listening to me and they need to learn respect, and they need to learn that people in law enforcement and otherwise have authority. They need to learn that lesson.”

The call got even more bizarre, as the dispatcher tried to explain that the police weren’t responsible for raising Melissa’s kids, saying, “Okay, but we’re not coming out to raise your kids for you.” Sorry, Mel, but the police can’t literally police everything — including unruly toddlers.

Police were sent to Melissa’s house, but instead of finding her little ones hanging from the rafters, they found one very drunk mom. Since Melissa was on probation and not allowed to drink, she was arrested, and she was so violent when she got to jail, she even went as far as to allegedly kick an officer in the groin — twice!

Now for the rest of us who are not on probation, we know that being a mom can be the toughest job in the world and little kids do love to push buttons. It’s almost enough to get us to push 911. Notice we said almost!

Source: WESH-TV

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03.16.2013 / 05:35 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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