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Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes Weighs in on Controlling Kordell Stewart

Even though NeNe Leakes divorced her onetime husband/current fiancé Gregg for a brief time, she’s actually had the most stable relationship on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, so we were eager to hear her thoughts on Porsha Stewart’s relationship with her man, Kordell.

Thankfully, the soon-to-be Mrs. Leakes has an opinion on the duo’s dynamic, and she wasn’t shy about sharing her thoughts in her most recent blog. She writes, “The message I think we all were trying to send to her was to use your own brain and let this be your decision. We’ve all been around her and heard her say things that sound like she's being controlled. Maybe Kordell feels the need to control her, because he knows what he's working with.”

But despite weighing in on another couple’s marriage, NeNe is also well-aware that she shouldn't necessarily judge a situation so quickly.

“I don't want to judge Porsha's relationship, because I obviously don't live with them. I can only tell you what these eyes and ears hear and see,” she explains. “I watch the show just like you do, so based off everything I've seen and heard myself, it appears that Kordell is talking to his daughter and not his wife! Porsha can't seem to do much without getting permission from Kordell.”

We agree with NeNe that it’s impossible to judge a situation without knowing all of the facts, but there is something a bit strange about how they relate to one another. Do you agree? Tell us below!